DancePowered Workout

Power your life with dance fitness

DancePowered is about fueling your life with dance. Take that time out of your hectic schedule and give yourselves permission to move, shake, twerk and hip hop the stress away from your day.

It not only takes care of several thousand steps on your fitbit, it can burn between 400-1000 calories per hour, depending on your stats and intensity level.

Connect with Community

Whether you want to engage with fellow participants, or quietly observe on the sidelines, there’s nothing like group fitness. This class allows you to get out of your box and get into the dance trenches with like minded people, no matter what level of dancer you are. From beginning to advanced, you’re in a supportive community. We all want to learn the same thing. It’s not a competition to be the best in the class. It’s a competition to be the best you!

Come try a class!

Our program originated in West Seattle!  So if you want to hang with the original crew, and it’s close to home, we’re at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center on Delridge on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Otherwise, we’re lucky enough to be in two of the hottest studios in Seattle. Check our schedule for those times.

*side effects may include:
sudden boldness on the dance floor, irresistible urge to dance at work, entertaining your friends while likely horrifying your children with your dance demonstrations.

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Class Led

Thanks all who came out to help with our class led DancePowered Sessions while I was away on vacation! I’ve heard the most positive feedback about you all! My pay for those two evenings was donated to both the Humane Society and to the ASPCA! Thank you again for helping keep the energy going in … Continue reading Class Led

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