FlashMob Dancers Needed!


So excited!!!!!!!!

In addition to our traditional Sunday class, we’ve been invited to perform 2 flashmobs!

I’ll be putting together 2 mash-ups to dance to. They will probably run 5-9 or more minutes each. But not more than 12 ; )
Feel free to do all events! I will run all this choreo in classes.
The rehearsals are for transitions/filtering in/ or any ripple choreo I may add. Plus I want you all to vibe together!

Also, because there are summer vacations to consider, I want everyone to be able to get to most of the rehearsals.

Performance Dates:

Thursday July 12 | 7pm Flashmob A – mashup #1

Saturday July 14 | 3pm Flashmob B – mashup #2

Sunday July 15 | 10:45AM-NOON Free Class at the Main Stage
* We will do our flashmob performances here too! But it won’t be a flashmob. This is our traditional class we’ve run for 4 years.

Rehearsal Dates: Community Fitness Play Studio
Saturday June 16
Flashmob A- 1:30-2:30
Flashmob B- 2:30 – 3:30

Saturday June 30
Flashmob A 1:30 – 2:30
Flashmob B 2:30-3:30

Saturday July 7th
Flashmob A 1:30 – 2:30
Flashmob B 2:30-3:30

Monday July 9th
8:30-9:30ish pm
Rehearsal/run through. Should be quick. Hoping for 30 minutes each run through.

Thursday July 12th
FlashMob A Performance
Call Time: 5:45
Performance Time: 7pm
Call Location: tba final run through
Performance Location Alaska Junction

Saturday July 14th
FlashMob B only
Call Time: 2:00 pm-
Call Location: Tba Final Run Through
Performance 3:00pm Alaska Junction

Sunday July 15th
Free Class at the Main Stage
Regular ol’ class : )
Except with everyone watching!!!!