Event Clip

We’re mid-Fall and I’m longing for those lovely, sunny July days and reminiscing about my favorite event, the West Seattle SummerFest! So I went looking through some of the footage one of my students took and am posting it here for you to see : )

We’re lucky enough to be a part on Sunday mornings, dancing in the streets at the main stage while passersby gather and watch us dance.

It’s the BEST feeling to watch people light up in appreciation as they watch us! All the dances are what we do in our classes. There’s no practice. I often see people I haven’t seen in months show up just to join in at the street fair.

It’s also a merge between the two studios I teach at. Community Fitness, and Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. I love how happy everyone looks!

Can’t wait for next year! Maybe you’ll join us!

Live Stream at the Seattle Gym

There’s an upcoming chance to come take a Sunday class with me on February 28th!
The Seattle Gym will be filming and live streaming this class to another studio up North, as well as other countries! Those studios will view and follow-along live as we dance for an hour long class. This is a unique experience and setting and I hope you can join in on the fun! You’ll want to register for this to save your spot !


West Seattle Summer Fest

streetFair2015_3 streetFair2015_1 SEATTLE TIMES BABY

A peek into our guest demo at the West Seattle Summer Fest.

We had so much fun this year! More people joined in this year, we performed our “FAME” choreo (note a few headbands and leg warmers in the crowd) and got a nice little nod in the Seattle Times the next day.
It’s hot, it’s Sunday, and it’s a blast to get to perform with everyone!

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