Keep Moving!

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We’re about to go FULL SWING into the holiday craziness. That’s parties, drinking, indulging and dropping our fitness and self-care here and there or altogether!
You’ll have the intention of returning in the new year, but there is also a chance that you won’t. And that will not feel good at all!

So this is my holiday advice to you….indulge a little and enjoy. But keep moving! Keep dancing! Keep in touch with your Dance Fam and Dance Fitness Community!

You’re going to be so proud of yourselves for taking good care of yourself at a time when most people tend to drop their fitness routines. And, added side benefit, you’ll be dodging a fair amount of calories and minimizing weight gain and stress through the holiday season!

See you in the studios!


New Merch is In!


Hello DancePowered Fam!

New merch has arrived! It’s a beautiful and diverse palette, with Rose, Navy, Olives, & Copper on Black!

I also brought in a lot of styles to try!

There are very limited quantities in each style.


You can get to my Square Store here and check out what style you’re interested in.

Shipping is not available at this time.

Pick up orders only

Cash is preferred as is Venmo or PayPal. Please DM me for details.

FlashMob Dancers Needed!


Sign Up Below:

You need to be in at least 4 of the 7 rehearsals per flashmob.

That means:

2 or 3 regular rehearsals (June 9th – July 7th),
1 or 2 of July 9 or July 11

Day-Of Run-through-I’m scheduling these 1 hour before the performances

Performance Dates:

Thursday July 12 | 7pm Flashmob A – mashup #1 | Fierce with Profanity

Registration closed

Saturday July 14 | 3pm Flashmob B – mashup #2 | Fun Current to Retro Mix

Registration closed

Sunday July 15 | 10:45AM-NOON Free Class at the Main Stage
* We will do our flashmob performances here too! But it won’t be a flashmob. This is our traditional class we’ve run for 4 years.

November Sub List

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.30.25 AM

Hey Dance Fam! I’m going to be traveling the first week in November. I’m off to Buenos Aires, co-hosting a Fit & Fly Girl retreat!
I have a few amazing guys filling in for me in my absence:

Saturday Nov 4|  9:45am | Joe Beiling DancePowered Choreography
Tuesday Nov 7 | 6:15pm | Joe Beiling DancePowered Choreography
Saturday|  Nov 11 9:45 am |John Delapena

Community Fitness
Monday, Nov. 6th 7:30 pm | Joe Beiling DancePowered Choreography
Friday Nov 3rd | 9:40 am | Courtney Florez
Friday Nov.10th | 9:40 am | Jessica Gleason
Saturday Nov 4th | noon | Sara Grippen
Saturday Nov 11th | noon | Sara Grippen

Studio 206
Thursday, Nov 2nd | 7:15 pm | John Delapena
Thursday, Nov 9th | 7:15pm | John Delapena

I’ll be back in action Monday the 13th, with my first class back at YT Tuesday the 14th.
We’ll hit the dancing hard when I return!
Looking forward to my Nov 17th  Masterclass,
Thanksgiving Day class,
and a chance to workshop choreography in January!

DancePowered Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2017

The Thanksgiving escape is here!

Take a break from cooking, houseguests, in-laws and holiday pressures!
Come see your dance pals and earn another serving of mashed potatoes by dancing it out with me on Thanksgiving morning!

$16 cash or check

Members can use punch cards.

See you soon!!!!!