Dance Powered Dance Fitness

Is it a Zumba Class?

No : )
It’s a unique dance fitness program developed and choreographed by Jennifer Cepeda.
This high energy dance class offers intermediate to advanced
footwork and arm work with style. It’s choreography heavy, mixed with fitness.
It’s an exciting and fast paced fusion of dance genres,
styles and music you love!

What kind of music is played?

Today’s hits mixed with yesterday’s favorites. Hip Hop, Pop, DanceHall with some great classics mixed in. Clients often leave asking for a copy of the playlist : )

What are the moves like?

This format pulls movement from every dance genre and fits the tone of the music. While there are basic moves from many genres of music, this class challenges you with new movement, trending dance styles, and new and challenging choreography.
Check us out on our Youtube Channel and see for yourselves!

What to expect in class:

The Dance Powered  format is typically an hour of dancing with anywhere from 15-17 songs taught within the hour,using simple to intermediate choreography, high in style, keeping dancers engaged and wanting more!

Participants are encouraged to learn at their own pace and comfort level.

There is no pressure to be perfect or expectation to pick-up quickly.
We want you to feel inspired and happy when you leave class!

Lastly, a welcoming and friendly environment is a must. Come as a group or come alone, this is a great environment and community to learn with!

*side effects may include:

sudden boldness on the dance floor, irresistible urge to dance at work, entertaining your friends while likely horrifying your children with your dance demonstrations.